Corn Dog Maker Non-Stick Machine


This Corn Dog Maker has a handle which is easy to carry around
Its non-stick surface allows it to cook corn dogs more evenly and is easier to clean
The machine provides even heat distribution and it is lightweight so it is portable
Rated Power: 1400W/ Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Package Contents:

1 x Corn Dog Maker
1 x User Manual

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Corn Dog Maker Non-Stick Machine
Corn Dog Maker Non-Stick Machine $69.90

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Corn Dog Maker Non-Stick Machine
Now you can enjoy fresh warm corndogs right at home with this Corn Dog Maker Non-Stick Machine! It is easy to use and cooks multiple corndogs per batch! Corn dogs are one of the most popular snacks among kids and adults alike. It is perfect as a morning snack, afternoon snack and even for breakfast. The reason why many people love them aside from the fact that they are so tasty is that they are very convenient to eat. Simply poke a stick through it and you can bring it anywhere with you as you eat. What’s not convenient is the traditional way of making them where it entails a lot of mess and dishes to wash afterward. From now on, it will only take minutes to cook corndogs as long as you have this corn dog maker.
Non-Stick Surface
This cooking machine has a non-stick surface which allows you to have perfectly-shaped corndogs every time. The problem with those that don’t have non-stick coatings is that they can cause the corndogs to deform or rip apart. It will also be much harder to clean them because food particles will stick to the surface of the machine. Thankfully, this corn dog maker is non-stick and you don’t even have to add grease or oil on it. Simply pour the batter on it, add your fillings and close the lid.
Lightweight and Portable
One of the main features of this machine is that it has a safety buckle. This buckle ensures that it stays closed while cooking the food to prevent the user from getting burnt. Also, it has a handle on the top which makes it easy to carry if you ever need to. It is lightweight too so it is definitely portable. It is perfect for camping trips because it is very easy to set up. Finally, it has even heat distribution which allows the corn dogs to cook consistently.