Cozy Shark-Themed Dog Bed – Soft, Comfortable Pet House


Your pet will look very cute sleeping in this dog bed; You’ll love taking cute photos of your pet with its head popping out of this shark bed
If you need to travel with this bed, you can easily fold it and store it in its storage box so you can easily carry it around when you are traveling
This dog bed is from high-quality sponge and cotton material so your pets will feel very comfortable on it
Material: Sponge and Cotton
Product Variations:

Medium: 37cm x 42cm (Hole: 20cm x 16cm)
Large: 38cm x 52cm (Hole: 28cm x 20cm)

Package Content:

1 x Shark Dog Bed

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Shark Dog Bed Soft Dog House
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Shark Dog Bed Soft Dog House
Presenting our shark dog bed, perfect for your beloved pet’s rest and relaxation. This dog bed is crafted from soft cloth material, which ensures a comfortable sleep for your pet. The stand-out feature of this bed is its whimsical shark design – your pets will charm everyone when they peep out of the shark’s mouth. Designed to be a cozy spot for your small breed dogs and cats, this bed is a delightful addition to your home.

The great advantage of this shark dog bed is its portability; it’s lightweight and foldable functionality makes it easy to transport it around your house or take it along on your travels. When not in use or for travel purposes, simply fold it and tuck it into its storage pouch for effortless mobility.

Unlike conventional dog beds, this one brims with a creative, fun design. Your pet can snuggle, appearing as though they’re nestled inside a shark’s mouth. Every detail of the shark – from its tail, fins to gills is delicately detailed, creating a visually pleasing bed for your pet. The combination of sponge and cotton material enhances its comfort, although the dog bed is best suited for indoor use due to these materials.

Product Care Tips
The quality and longevity of any product depend on how well you take care of it. Here are a few care tips for maintaining the bed in excellent condition:
In case of any pet-induced stains, gently clean the area with water and soap. Avoid using bleach as it can cause permanent discoloration. To keep it fresh and pest-free, we recommend airing it in the sun once a week. This practice can help get rid of any bacteria, ticks, and fleas that might inhabit the dog bed.