CP2100A AC/DC Current Probe by Micsig with 800Khz 10A, Maximum Measurable Current of 100Apk 70.7Arms (DC+ACpk)


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Micsig AC/DC Current Probe CP2100A 800KHz 10A Maximum Measurable Current 100Apk 70.7Arms (DC+ACpk)
CP2100A AC/DC Current Probe by Micsig with 800Khz 10A, Maximum Measurable Current of 100Apk 70.7Arms (DC+ACpk) $219.99

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Safety Guidelines:

We encourage users to take note of the following safety measures:
1. Maintain the measuring circuit at CAT II 600V or below to avoid interference with sensitive equipment. Do not measure bare conductors.
2. Kindly abstain from touching the conductor under test and the sensor head during the measuring process.
3. It’s essential to operate this equipment in dry conditions. This will ensure the longevity and functionality of your device. Operating in wet or humid environments may decrease the lifespan of the product.
4. Avoid touching the instrument or the object under test with wet hands. This could lead to inaccurate readings.
5. For optimal usage, operate this product within the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
6. Ground this product efficiently through the USB power cable to ensure safety and prevent damage.

Product Specifications/Version 1.0:
This version was released in May 2019 and has not been modified since then. The product, coded CP2100A, has the following specifications:
– Bandwidth: DC ~ 800KHz (CP2100A)
– Rise time: ≤583ns (CP2100A)
– Measuring ranges: 10A and 100A, which can be selected via the switch
– Output sensitivity: This is set at 0.1V / A (10A) /0.01V/A (100A)
– The maximum capable current it can measure: 100Apk, 70.7Arms (AC) or 200Apk-pk, 70.7Arms (AC)
– The max working and floating voltages: CAT III 300V CAT II 600V
– Contains an overload indicator signified by the beeping of a buzzer and button light flashing.
– User-friendly dimensions: Probe head size (11*6.1*2.5cm), Control box size (10.8*5.6*2.6cm), Cable length (228cm).
– Powered by DC 5V for your convenience.
– The whole set weighs roughly 290g with the packaging making it 1000g.

Operating Conditions:
For the accurate functionality of the CP2100A, it should be operated under regulated temperature and humidity conditions. It handles an operating temperature of 0°C to 50°C, while the storage temperature tolerance is -20°C to 80°C.

How to use:

The instrument should be connected to the oscilloscope (or other equipment) via the BNC of the current probe. Additionally, connect the USB cable to power the current probe. Please refer to the detailed instructions provided with the unit or consult our support team.

Key Features:

The versatile CP2100 series can measure both DC and AC. It is small and elegant with a split-type design, making it easy to use. It connects to oscilloscopes or adapters via a standard BNC interface. It also allows automatic and manual zero adjustments which eliminates the need for an additional power supply.

Package Contents:

Each set includes 1 Micsig AC / DC Current Probe (CP2100A).

Detailed Images: