DANIU 5Pcs 5 Colors Silicone Test Probe Leads Cable with Banana to Banana Plugs


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DANIU 5Pcs 5 Colors Silicone Banana to Banana Plugs Test Probe Leads Cable
DANIU 5Pcs 5 Colors Silicone Test Probe Leads Cable with Banana to Banana Plugs $15.99

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Product Name: Banana to Banana Plugs Test Leads

Dive into the world of electronics with our high-quality test leads. Made of top-grade materials, they offer reliability and performance, satisfying even the most discerning tech enthusiasts.

Key Features:
– Contains high-quality silicone insulation for trouble-free operation, even under severe conditions. They are heat and high voltage resistant, guaranteeing safety alongside performance.
– The plug features a DS wire protector, ensuring longevity and optimum usage. It can be conveniently inserted behind the housing.
– Designed for looks and performance, these leads are moisture-proof and durable. They are designed to withstand tough use, making them an excellent choice for both home and professional environments.
– User-friendly, these electrical test leads are perfect for use with a range of equipment, including multimeters and power supplies.

Cable Type: Double-Ended Wire
Housing Material: Silicone
Conductor Material: Copper Wires
Available Colors: Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
Cable Length: Approximately 100cm
Cable Outside Diameter: 4.0mm2
Banana Plug Size: 4mm
Manufacturing Method: Injection Molding
Maximum Current: 15A
Withstanding Voltage: 1500V

What’s in the Package:
5 × Banana to Banana Plugs Test Leads Probe Leads Cable
4 × Banana Plug

Do take note, each wire comes with two banana plugs at the end.

Intricately crafted, this leads have been designed to meet stringent quality standards. For a better look into the product, please peruse through our catalogue of detailed images.