DANIU Lock Pick Set with Cordless Electric Locksmith Tools


DANIU Lock Pick Set with Cordless Electric Locksmith Tools $52.99

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Introducing our Cordless Electric Lock Pick Tools – ⁣a professional locksmith’s essential toolkit! This set allows ​you to⁢ work on both pin and disc tumblers ⁢with ⁤ease, utilizing ⁣a rapid up ⁤and down motion to‍ meet ​the⁤ shear line and unlock doors.

The range of ⁢this motion‍ is‌ fully adjustable, catered⁣ to ⁢your needs. Simply tweak the thumbscrew and lock​ in the action⁤ to set ⁣your range.

Not only does the set offer you the key utilities, but ⁣it comes with a⁤ host of extras too! Enjoy⁤ the convenience of a 110-220V ​AC charger, 29 additional⁢ picking accessories, and 2 ‍tension ​heads. For an extra helping​ hand, ⁤we’ve ⁢included an adapter in keeping with​ your geo-location (NB: EU power plug is our default).

Your purchase also encompasses a ‍robust carry case for protection and mobility. Should you need more picking blades.

Package included
Here’s what you⁢ can‍ expect to ⁣find in your package:

1 x Cordless Electric Pick Pistol​ Set
1 x Geolocated Adapter‍

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