DANIU Locksmith Tools: 29-Piece Set with Single Hook Lock Picks


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DANIU 29Pcs Single Hook Unlocking Lock Picks Tool Locksmith Lock Opener Locksmith Hand Tools
DANIU Locksmith Tools: 29-Piece Set with Single Hook Lock Picks $27.99

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Description: Introducing our professional locksmith unlocking tool. Crafted with​ a sleek silver stainless steel handle, it is⁤ robust and durable for regular⁣ usage. This comprehensive set features 18 top-notch stainless steel single hooks, ⁤2 flexible L-shaped ‍wrenches, 5 versatile Z-shaped wrenches, and 3 handy ‍spring clips. You can conveniently swap the single hooks to adapt to different types of locks. This‍ high-quality⁢ product, paired with exceptional workmanship is definitely the preference of professional locksmiths!

Type: Lock Pick Tool
Materials: Uncompromising‍ Stainless Steel
Special function: Unlocking
Packing Type: Comprehensive Kits
Color: Striking ‌Silver
Package Included:
18 ⁢x Stainless ​Steel Single Hooks
2 x L-shaped Wrenches
5 x Z-shaped Wrenches
3 x Spring Clips
1 ⁢x Handle

Indeed, ‍a picture is worth a thousand⁣ words! So, take a closer look at the ‌elaborate‍ features of our product through the series ⁢of ⁢images showcased below.