DANIU MIG-130 AC230V Flux Core Wire Welder with Free Accessories


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DANIU MIG-130 AC230V 50-120A AC Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welder Welding Machine  Inverter MIG ARC Gas Gasless Welder Machine with Free Accessrioes
DANIU MIG-130 AC230V Flux Core Wire Welder with Free Accessories $279.99

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Dive into the details:
Model: MIG-130
Input voltage (V): AC 230V±15%, operable at 50/60HZ.
Max absorbed power: Stands at 3.6KVA.
Max absorbed at 60% load: 1.5KVA.
Fuse: Incorporates a 13A fuse.
Power factor: Holds a power factor of 0.9.
Max no load voltage: Can reach a maximum voltage of 37V when idle.
Current range: Regulates current between 50-120A.
Max current output: Can output max current of 105 @ 15%.
Adjustment positions: Offers 4 customization points.
Insulation class: Classified under the H insulation category.
Protection class: Follows the IP21S protection class guidelines.
Weight: Has a manageable weight of 16 Kg.
Welding wire: Compatible with 0.6-0.9 MM welding wire.
Dimensions: Occupies a space of 46.522.539.5 CM.


  1. Non-reactive Welder: Rely on our flux-cored wire to release inert metal gases during welding. This action helps to avoid oxidation in the welded areas.
  2. Adjustable Welding Speed: We have designed the controls with 10 different welding speed levels. It’s now so simple to handle anything from thin steel to thicker steel with flux-core welding.
  3. Exceptional Oxidation Resistance: The flux core wire releases inert metal gas automatically when in operation. This prevents oxidation in the welded parts.
  4. Portable and Reliable Design: The build and handle of this device are not only heat-resistant to avoid melting or warping during use but also resist wear and static build-up.
  5. Wide Applications: Whether it’s an automobile restoration, an art project, or frame and support construction, you can trust this machine to deliver exceptional results.

Package Contents:
1 x User’s Manual for comprehensive operation instructions.
1 x Welding Mask for safety and protection.
1 x Welding Wire for getting started.
2 x Extra Tips for added convenience.
1 x Chipping Hammer/ Wire Brush for all your cleaning needs.
1 x Welder Machine with 2.5M Cable for operational readiness.
1 x 2.5M Welding Torch and 1.5M Ground Clamp to ensure a range of uses.