DANIU Set of 10 Padlock Shim Picks Lock Pick Accessory Kit


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DANIU 10pcs Padlock Shim Picks Set Lock Pick Accessories Set
DANIU Set of 10 Padlock Shim Picks Lock Pick Accessory Kit $7.99

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Product Name: 10pcs Padlock Shim Picks Set — Unlocking Tool Kit

Unveil the art of unlocking with our 10pcs Padlock Shim Picks Set! These expertly designed, thin, yet robust metal shims are crafted to manipulate the minor design flaws and tolerances in common lock brands. Let’s simplify it – they’re a secret bypass tool, not a conventional lock pick.

Discover the effortless method of unlocking numerous padlocks using our set of Padlock Shims. Comprising of ultra-thin spring steel, each shim is molded in a variety of sizes to flawlessly fit the curve of the lock’s hasp.

How to use it? Just simply slide it down between the body of the lock and the hasp, then give it a little twist! As if by magic, the locking system disengages. It’s not just successful, it’s sublime!

Included in the package:
1 x 10pcs Padlock Shim Set (Unlocking Tool Kit)

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