DANIU Transparent Disc Padlock – Locksmith Training Skill Set


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DANIU Disc Type Transparent Padlock with Disc Detainer Locksmith Tools Locksmith Training Skill Set
DANIU Transparent Disc Padlock - Locksmith Training Skill Set $17.99

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Description: Get in touch with your inner locksmith with our Disc Type Transparent Padlock coupled with Disc Detainer Locksmith Tools! This is an ideal training skill set for anyone interested in learning more about how locks work.

Features of our Disc Type Transparent Padlock:
What makes this padlock unique is its transparent design. With open chambers, you can see all the internal components of the lock clearly.
When a key is inserted, you can see how the pins line up and unlock – a fascinating peek into the inner workings of a lock.
Rest assured, there will be no loose parts or pins that fallout; this padlock promises a smooth functioning experience.
This padlock is perfect for students or technicians to practice and train their locksmith skills.
Just so you know more about this padlock, here are some specific details:
Type: Disc
Color: Transparent (as shown in the picture)
Material: Metal
Size: Length 7.5 cm x Width 4.5 cm x Height 2 cm

Moving on to the Disc Detainer Locksmith Tools:
These tools are designed to unlock even the toughest adamantite locks.

Our package includes:
1 Disc Type Transparent Padlock
1 Disc Detainer Locksmith Tool

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