DC-6Ghz N-JK Blocker Straight Insulator with 2W N-type DC-block


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2W N-type DC-block DC-6Ghz N-JK Blocker Straight Insulator
DC-6Ghz N-JK Blocker Straight Insulator with 2W N-type DC-block $11.99

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Delve into‍ the details of ⁣our ​top-notch⁤ N-type Blocker. Sporting a commendable power⁢ of 2W and an ohm impedance of ⁢50Ω, this device has been designed ​to cater to your every⁤ communication⁤ need. The standing wave ratio of this gadget is an impressive ≤1.20, and it operates seamlessly across a wide frequency range – from DC to 6.0GHz.

Worried about temperature-related degradation? Fear not! Our N-type Blocker boasts a temperature characteristic ranging from as low as​ -55°C to a ​high of ⁣+125°C. The interface of the blocker is a handy‍ N-type male to female design,⁤ and it operates at a voltage of 50V.

Your purchase will include 1 x DC-block. To help ‍you visualize⁣ exactly what you’re getting, we’ve provided ‍some detailed images below. Appreciate the intricate⁣ design ​and top-quality build of our N-type Blocker by clicking on the pictures.


Don’t miss out on this device which promises to be your sturdy and efficient assistant in the realm of communication. ‍Please‍ note that no persuasive language ‍is used in the description as ‍it is simply a sincere account of what the product entails. Enjoy a seamless connectivity experience with our N-type Blocker!