DC Class B Shunt FL-2 with 10A/20A/30A 75MV Current Shunt


DC Current Shunt FL-2 10A/20A/30A 75MV Class B Shunt
DC Class B Shunt FL-2 with 10A/20A/30A 75MV Current Shunt $9.99

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Introducing the Model:FL-2, a device designed with precision in mind. It comes with a measuring range of 0-50 (A) broad enough to capture a comprehensive spectrum of current flows. This compact aid has dimensions of 120*26*8 (mm), making it a conveniently portable solution for various situations.

For its operational blueprint, it encompasses specifications of 10A, 20A, and 30A, presenting a flexible range for different applications. The winding form is a single layer winding designed to maximise efficiency and durability. Its primary function lies in serving as a shunt, controlling the flow of electricity for safe and steady measurements.

The model FL-2 is a fixed inductor variant which ensures a steady flow without the risks of abrupt changes in current. Each package comes inclusive of 1 x DC Current Shunt, all set to deliver the necessary performance.

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