DCTools® 4.8V LED Cordless Electric Screwdriver Power Drill Set US Plug Tool


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DCTools® 4.8V LED Electric Screwdriver Cordless Power Drill Set Electric Drill Driver Tool US Plug
DCTools® 4.8V LED Cordless Electric Screwdriver Power Drill Set US Plug Tool $34.99

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Dive into the details of the exceptional, high-performance DCTools Cordless Drill.

This tool exudes versatility with an input voltage of 110V, output of 4.8V and showcases a 600mAH battery type. A fantastic no-load speed of 180RPM and a torque⁤ of 3NM is assured. Depending on usage, it offers a reasonable charging time of 3-5 hours.⁤ The material of choice is sturdy carbon steel,​ giving it unsurpassed resilience ‌and strength. Its compact size of 14x14cm ⁣makes it⁤ an easy choice for⁤ work in tight spaces.

Delving into driver bits, the⁢ 25mm ⁣includes​ PH ‍ranges from 0​ to ​3, PZ ranges from 0 to 3, ⁣Flat ranges from 3 to 5.5, S⁤ ranges ⁢from 0 to 3,⁤ H ranges from 2 to ⁢6, and T ranges from 10 to 30. ‌For the bigger tasks, the 50mm driver bits come in PH 1 and 2, and⁢ Flat 5 and 6.

Boasting model 019, this cordless drill‌ demonstrates lightweight construction, making it a pleasure⁣ to handle. It⁢ features a⁤ forward/reverse slide switch for effortless transition from screw-driving to screw-removal. The ⁣ergonomic T-handle design‍ enhances control and precision, while the LED battery power indicator⁢ keeps you updated ⁤on usage. The LED ‍light is a perfect addition for accomplishing tasks in poorly lit areas. Unquestionably, this drill ​is designed for ⁣handheld use, easy ⁢grip, straightforward operation, and offers portability for on-the-go ⁣jobs.

The⁣ package​ is inclusive of 1 Adaptor, 1 Cordless Screwdriver, 1 Bits Holder, 2 ​Drills, 4 50mm Driver Bits, 8 Sockets, and⁤ 28 25mm Driver Bits. Furthermore, an adapter specific to your country will be included!

Delve into the fine details and take a closer look ⁢at this masterpiece.