Decorative Hanging Plant Stand with Elegant Glass Balls


This Hanging Plant Stand is durable enough to support the weight of the plants
It has a coating of paint that prevents it from rusting easily and preserves the quality
The glass balls are transparent so users can see the plants inside them conveniently
Material: Iron, High Borosilicate Glass
Iron Stand Height: Approx. 33 cm
Glass Ball Diameter: Approx. 12 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Hanging Plant Stand
2 x Glass Balls

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Hanging Plant Stand with Glass Balls
Decorative Hanging Plant Stand with Elegant Glass Balls $39.90

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The Hanging ​Plant ‍Stand with Glass Balls is a unique and compact planter suitable for both indoor and⁢ outdoor usage. Ideal for those seeking ⁢to grow plants indoors without taking up excessive space, this stand can be⁤ conveniently positioned on‌ your desktop or in your⁢ living room.

This particular plant stand consists of two parts:‌ a sturdy metal ⁣stand and a ‌suspended glass globe. The⁤ design ⁣of the globe features an open side which ‌allows for easy placement of plants, convenient watering, and exposure to fresh air.

One of the distinctive advantages of the glass globes⁢ is the clear, unobstructed view they ‍provide ⁤of ‌the‍ plant within. This visibility enables you to monitor⁣ the plant’s health from ⁣a distance, assessing ​and addressing ​its needs promptly, be ⁣it more sunlight or water. However, ⁢it’s advisable to avoid placing the globe under direct sunlight ‍as the glass can intensify the heat ⁤and potentially harm the ‍plant.

The glass material‍ of the globe,‍ besides offering a 360-degree view, also ensures ‌easy cleaning. Its durable metal stand is robust enough to support ​the⁤ weight of ⁣the globe.

As a decoration piece, this Hanging Plant Stand with ⁣Glass Balls provides ‍a soothing, natural aesthetic that’s more appealing than simply hanging a ⁢plastic or metal decoration. The glass globe can be ⁢easily attached ⁣and detached from the stand, facilitating easy cleaning from both outside and inside.

The metal stand is coated with ⁣paint to prevent rusting when exposed to ⁤oxygen and sunlight. It features a wide round base that aids in balancing the globes even when they sway from side⁢ to side. Versatile in ​function, the stand can also be used to hang other decors such as miniature photo frames.