Detachable Adjustable Waist Exercise Sport Hoops


This waist exercise detachable hoop is specially designed for men, women, and children who need to exercise their waist. It integrates massage, exercise, and weight loss.

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Adjustable Sport Waist Exercise Detachable Hoops
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The modern world has brought about increasing awareness of health and bodily wellbeing. Many people deal with long hours of study or work, often leading to a lack of physical activity, in particular, around the waist area. The waist exercise detachable hoop is specifically designed to address this for men, women, and children. It serves as a tool for waist exercise, integrating massage, exercise, and weight loss functionality.

Product Features

The waist exercise detachable hoop is made up of 24 sections and has a maximum diameter of 45cm. The quantity of sections can be adjusted to cater to waist sizes. Mainly available in pink and purple variations, this product is suitable for everyone regardless of gender or age. The hoop is simple to use and can quickly burn body fat, reduce fatigue and serve a variety of purposes, from postpartum recovery to sitting in the office.

Assembly Instruction

Start by opening the connector of the hoop by pulling two clips outward before pushing the two connectors forward and backward. Next, fill the gravity ball from the hoop with roughly 200g of sand using a screwdriver to unscrew and re-tighten it.

Place the pulley block in the middle of the product track before placing the main body of the hoop around your waist. Connect the two sides by inserting the cylinders from the tail joint into the connector, before closing the clasps.

If the hula hoop main body is too narrow or broad, you can adjust its sections accordingly by loosening and fastening the connector.

If you’re hoping to maintain a fit body, the waist exercise detachable hoop might be worth considering as an exercise tool.