Detector Motion Sensor Light Switch


Turn on and off your lights automatically with this motion sensor light switch
Has sensitive detection whenever you enter or leave its vicinity
Easy to install and allows you to save money because of the efficient use of the lights
Material: PVC / Working voltage: 100-240V / Load power: 40W / Working temp: -20 ℃ -+40 ℃
Static current: < 50μA / Time delay: 45s / Light control: 3Lux~6Lux/Induction distance: 4-6M
Package Content:

1 x Motion Sensor Light Switch Detector

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Motion Sensor Light Switch Detector
Detector Motion Sensor Light Switch $18.99

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Motion Sensor Light Switch Detector

Swap your manual light switches with this motion sensor light switch to modernize your home. Drawing a parallel with automatic sliding doors in malls, this light switch too is equipped with a motion sensor. Installing this at your place means you won’t have to manually turn your lights on and off anymore. Considering lighting contributes to the majority of electricity consumption in households, forgetting to turn off lights can significantly impact your bill. But with the motion sensor light switch, effortlessly manage energy use and save on your electricity bills. No need to worry about left-on lights, as this switch turns them off for you.
High Sensitivity Detection

The switch promptly activates the lights when it senses a person’s presence, even if they are 4 to 6 meters away. Conversely, it powers down when it no longer detects presence, but only after a delay of 30 to 45 seconds. This delay provides sufficient time for you to leave the room with the lights still on, ensuring you’re not engulfed in darkness abruptly. This smart system is designed with user movements in mind.
Versatile Use

Beyond its primary application, this light switch can be used in a variety of scenarios. It can light up your closet on opening, similar to a refrigerator light, or illuminate your car boot. It can even help in managing lighting in areas like basements. This switch gives freedom to leave home without concern whether your lights are on or off.