Diamond Painting Storage Box, Cross Stitch Jewelry Container


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42/50/78Pcs Diamond Painting Box Diamond Jewelry Cross Stitch Grid Container Box
Diamond Painting Storage Box, Cross Stitch Jewelry Container $34.99$37.99

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This universal storage grid box⁣ is versatile​ and just right ​for keeping jewelry drills, painting ​tools, diamonds, and more. With this​ organizer, you have a dedicated space⁢ for your earrings, necklaces, beads, rings, trinkets, nails, cosmetics, or tablets. The box cover delivers excellent protection, safeguarding ⁣your items from dust ‌and water, ensuring nothing gets ​lost. Plus, it​ comes with a large box to store these grids.

Product⁣ Name: Diamond Painting ‌Grids Kit
Model: E71834
Material: Plastic
Color: Transparent
Grid Size: As displayed in the product picture
Available Grid Numbers: ​42/50/78

Package Includes:
If you opt for the 42 ⁣Grids Kit, you will get‌ 3 XL Grids, 10 L Grids, 16 ‍M Grids, and 13 S Grids.
If the 50 Grids Kit is your ⁣choice, it includes 3 XL Grids, 5 ‍L Grids, 16 M Grids, and 26 S Grids.
If you prefer the 78 Grids Kit, it provides you with 78 S ⁢Grids.

Product ‌details (pictures):