Digital Control HITBOX TIG200P Welder with TIG ARC Functionality


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HITBOX TIG200P TIG Welder Pulse TIG ARC Functional Tig Digital Control Torch Pulse Tig Stainless Steel Iron Welder
Digital Control HITBOX TIG200P Welder with TIG ARC Functionality $488.99

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Discover the versatile world of welding with this high-quality HITBOX TIG/ARC multi-function welder. Boasting a robust ⁣real current between 10-200A, it supports both TIG and ARC welding. The TIG⁣ mode features a unique pulse function which allows precise‌ control of the current ⁣range to prevent over-penetration during operation.

The ​welder also includes a ​4-meter digital control TIG torch, simplifying your welding task;⁤ the torch is designed to provide ⁢quick adjustments for on and off ⁢operations, current variations and gas check ​alterations.⁤

Dive beyond TIG with the welder’s⁢ dynamic⁤ ARC ‍mode. Providing a substantial current range​ from 10-170A, it comfortably welds thicknesses from 1.5mm to 12mm. Even with 4.0mm‌ rods, long welding sessions aren’t an issue.


Brand Name: HITBOX
New Arrival: TIG200P
Inverter Technology: IGBT
Input Voltage:⁤ 110V/220V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Rated Input Current: ​43.6/28A
No-load Voltage: 56V
Arc Force Current Range: 10-200A
Arc ⁢Ignition Current Range: 20~200A
Duty Cycle: 60%
No-load Loss: 40W
Arcing⁢ Way: HF
Efficiency: 80%
Power‌ Factor: 0.73
Insulation Grade: F
Housing Protection Grade: IP21
Net Weight: ​8kg
Packing Dimension: 400×150×180mm
Base Material: Carbon Stainless, Low-alloy ‌Steel
Welding Process: DC TIG/ARC

The package comes with everything you need to get ‍started including a⁢ Tig welder, a 4.0 meters Digital Control Tig torch WP26, a 1.8 meters electrode holder, a ⁤1.8 meters earth clamp, a 2.0 meters gas tube, and a pack of tips‌ and nozzles.