Digital LED Wall Clock with Night Light Feature


With digital time display for easy viewing and with circular night light
Has a remote control for convenience in facilitating the features
Can also tell the temperature in ºC or ºF and with alarm clock function
Host 1 CR2032 battery + transmitter 1 CR2032 battery + USB power cable (without battery)
Diameter: 305mm
Package content:

1 x LED Wall Clock Digital Night Light
1 x remote control
1 x power cord
1 x instruction manual

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LED Wall Clock Digital Night Light
Digital LED Wall Clock with Night Light Feature $54.90

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LED Wall Clock with Digital Display and‌ Night Light
Introduce this⁣ LED wall ‌clock into your home decor and enjoy its functionality and aesthetic appeal. It features a digital display, an LED light that can double ‌as a night light, and gives the impression of a timely ​appreciation for time management. Clear visibility of time helps maintain your daily schedule and also ⁤educates children about the importance of managing time⁤ effectively. This is an essential, lifelong skill that can be learned and cultivated from a young age.
Comprehensive Multi-function Display ‌Clock
Apart from displaying the time, ‍this LED wall clock is packed with other key features. ‌It can function as an alarm clock with a handy ​snooze function. The device also provides temperature readings ​in either ⁤Celsius or Fahrenheit, featuring a temperature range from 0 to 50ºC. ​Display options include the ability to switch between a 12 or 24-hour display. The diverse functions of this wall clock, coupled with its modern, unique design, make it a‌ versatile⁤ addition to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, ‌or⁣ offices, and even effective in commercial ‍shop settings.
Adjustable Night Light ⁢Brightness ⁢with Remote Control
To enhance user-friendliness, this​ wall clock comes with a remote control that allows access to its various features.⁢ The remote has 4 buttons for ‘Set’, ‘Up’, ‘Down’, and ‘RGB’ functions. Apart from this, the device offers three adjustable lamp brightness levels to cater to specific needs. ‌The clock also has a time memory function, powered by a CR2032 battery. The wall-mountable design ensures easy visibility, while the circular light can be used as a⁤ night light. This highly functional and practical digital clock is a wonderful tool to keep you on schedule.