Digital Mini Automatic Incubators LCD Display Small Egg Hatcher Machine for 16 Eggs


Small Egg Hatcher Machine 16 Eggs Digital Mini Automatic Incubators LCD Display
Digital Mini Automatic Incubators LCD Display Small Egg Hatcher Machine for 16 Eggs $72.99

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Dive into the specifics:

This Egg Incubator is crafted from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a robust and durable material. It comes in a clean white color and measures 24x24x12cm (9.4”x9.4”x4.7”). The device operates on a DC 12V output voltage and consumes 30W of power. It comes with an AU plug and is designed to incubate a variety of eggs, including chicken, duck, pigeon, and goose eggs.

Key Features:

– Dual power supply: This feature ensures the incubator continues to function even during power outages by connecting to a 12V battery.
– Built-in fan: The low-noise fan ensures optimal air circulation.
– 360° roller: This feature accommodates different egg types, ensuring automatic rotation and uniform heating.
– Diagonal wind guide: This design element aids in effective air circulation.
– Temperature display: The clear digital display and accurate electronic temperature control make it easy to use and monitor.

This compact egg incubator can accommodate up to 16 chicken eggs and comes with a sink for humidity adjustment.

The package includes:

– 1 Egg Incubator
– 1 Foam insulation box (for worry-free incubation in winter)
– 1 Mini water injection bottle (for convenient and hygienic water injection)
– 1 Water spray bottle (for even water spraying)
– 1 Power plug and power cord
– 1 Incubation Technical Manual

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