DIY Mini Rotating Lathe for Woodwork and Model Making: Wood Lathe Milling Machine Kit


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Mini Rotating Lathe DIY Woodwork  Wood Lathe Model Making Tool Milling Machine Kit
DIY Mini Rotating Lathe for Woodwork and Model Making: Wood Lathe Milling Machine Kit $274.99

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Product⁣ Specifications:
This rotating lathe is a high-performance tool with a motor⁢ speed of 12000rpm/min, with an optional choice of 20000rpm/min. It operates on a power input of 12V DC/5A/60W. The lathe offers‌ an X-axis ⁣travel of 32mm and‍ a Z-axis​ travel of 145mm, ensuring⁣ a⁢ process accuracy of 0.05mm.

The working material length is 135mm, and it can accommodate a maximum working material diameter⁣ of 100mm. The motor power is 60W, and it can work with ⁢a variety of ​materials such as⁤ lignin plastic, soft metals (like gold, silver,‍ copper, aluminum), acrylic, and other⁣ plastics.

Key Features:
1. The motor case and headstock are jointed, and the maximum motor power is‍ 60W, thanks to the powerful ⁢motor. The‍ Z-axis slider can spin ​180°.
2. The center height is 75mm, and the distance between centers is 135mm. When machining metal,⁢ the motor speed typically drops to 2000rpm/min.
3. ⁣The main parts include the headstock, tailstock, long ​machine bed, big⁢ slider, small slider,⁤ motor blade, gear, connection​ piece, and drive belt⁢ cover. All parts‍ are made of metal, except for the drive belt cover.
4. ‌The lathe tool is made of high-speed steel quality material and can process soft metals, nonferrous metals, and precious metals. The diameter ⁣can⁤ be expanded to 50mm ⁢using the central block.
5. The handwheel ⁢features a ⁤0.02mm scale ⁢line, enhancing ‌precision during processing.

Package Contents:
The ⁣package⁢ includes‍ 1 Rotating⁤ Lathe.

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