Dog Car Harness Pet Seat Belt Strap


Keep your dog safe and secure on their seat inside your car while you drive using this dog car harness
This has a secure seatbelt lock and a hook to attach on your dog’s leash on the other side
The strap is durable as well as the lock, it is adjustable as well so your dog can sit comfortably and safely
Material: Senior Nylon Fabric
Length: About 45-72cm / Width: 2.5 cm
Package Content:

1 x Dog Car Harness Pet Seat Belt Strap

Dog Car Harness Pet Seat Belt Strap
Dog Car Harness Pet Seat Belt Strap $19.90

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Dog Car Harness Pet Seat Belt Strap
Our pet dogs are like family to us. That is why take good care of them just like family. Aside from taking them in walks around the park, we also have to take them to places like the vet for checkup sometimes. More so, when going on trips, our dog comes along with us. Especially when it comes to road trips. Now, just like any of us, we want our pet to be safe in the car as well. Just like how we wear seatbelts in a moving car for safety. However, since dogs don’t usually ride cars for that matter, attach their own harness like this one. By using this dog car harness, your pet dog can stay safely in place in your car. So, you will no longer have to worry about them falling off their seat while you drive.
Secure Belt Lock and Durable Strap
This strap is not just like the regular ones since this is specifically for holding your dog securely in the car seat. On the end of this strap is a secure seatbelt lock that you attach to the car seat. While the other end is a hook that you can attach to your dog’s leash. This way, they won’t fall off their seat when you have to suddenly stop your car. Not only that, but this also gives you more peace of mind while you drive knowing full well that your pet dog is safe and secure on their seat. Consequently, the durable strap of this harness can support your dog.
Adjustable Strap
You can adjust the length of this strap according to what makes your dog most comfortable. If you have bigger dogs, you can make this strap longer if you wish so they can move comfortably in their seat.