Dog Igloo Bed Soft Washable Pet House


A creative bed house that can give privacy to your little furry friend
Comfortable, eco-friendly, and safe material made especially for pets
Washable bed with a removable cushion and foldable design
Material: Cloth
Pattern: Brick Pattern

Small –  35 x 30 x 28cm
Medium – 45 x 35 x 35cm

Package Includes:

1 x Dog Igloo Bed Soft Washable Pet House

Dog Igloo Bed Soft Washable Pet House
Dog Igloo Bed Soft Washable Pet House $36.07$42.93

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Dog Igloo Bed Soft Washable Pet House
Let your Dog sleep better on this Igloo Bed as they go to sleep. This is a washable pet house that is available in two sizes. In fact, it has a soft cushion inside which can give them comfort day and night. Just like humans, pets also need their personal space at home. The best way to give them privacy is to provide them their own pet house. Since this bed is covered, they can spend some time relaxing without feeling annoyed or irritated by the bright ceiling light. They can efficiently rest for a longer period of time and wake up in a good mood. Aside from that, this washable bed can make your pet feel safe inside your humble home. If we give them a safe place, they can have time for themselves just like us.
Portable And Convenient To Use
This bed has a removable top cover. You can unzip the zipper closure anytime you want and fold it when not in use. It is perfect for traveling since it has a handle on the upper part. Now if you decided to take your pet with you during the weekend, it would be better to bring their bed as well. In this manner, your loving pet can sleep even better no matter where you are. They will end up cozying in this bed which can prevent them from bothering you. This bed is also good for your furry friend’s health because the hard ground is not suitable for pets. If they sleep on the floor, there can be possibilities where they can develop body pain. But with this igloo bed, they can curl up and lie down happily.
Clean Sleeping Place
It is an excellent sleeping place for your pet because it is clean and you can maintain its cleanliness by washing them.