Double Headed Sheet Metal Cutting Nibbler Drill Attachment in Blue or Orange – Metal Cutter


Blue or Orange Double Headed Sheet Metal Cutting Nibbler Drill Attachment Metal Cutter
Double Headed Sheet Metal Cutting Nibbler Drill Attachment in Blue or Orange - Metal Cutter $28.99

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Product Description:

This double-head sheet metal nibbler is a versatile tool made from durable alloy material. It comes in two vibrant colors – blue and orange. Please select the color that best suits your preference.

The nibbler is designed to cut through various materials with ease. It can handle ordinary iron plates up to 1.8mm thick, stainless steel plates up to 1.2mm thick, and copper or aluminum plates and plastic plywood up to 2mm thick.

The package includes the double-head sheet metal nibbler and a wrench for easy assembly and adjustments.

Operating Instructions and Accessory Replacement:

1. Proper positioning of the cutter head is crucial, especially when cutting aluminum plates.
2. Start the drill before beginning to cut. Once finished, exit the drill and turn it off.
3. Ensure the incision of the cutter bar is perpendicular to the workpiece to prevent the cutter from breaking.
4. To replace the arbor, open the cover, remove the lock nut, loosen the set screw, use the pliers to pull out the holder, reinstall the holder, and tighten the screw.
5. To replace the tool holder, unscrew the compression cap counterclockwise and replace it with a new one.

Key Features:

1. Ideal for car repairs and home maintenance tasks like cutting metal roofs, HVAC vent pipes, and other metal sheets.
2. Offers universal cutting accessories for round and straight cutting, allowing for different cutting shapes.
3. Provides a cutting speed of 2m per minute at 3000rpm.
4. The cutter head can be positioned at 360 degrees for versatile cutting angles.
5. Leaves no burrs at the cutting edges, ensuring a clean cut every time.
6. Does not distort the material being cut.
7. Safe to touch and easy to work with.
8. Powered by a hand drill – no additional power source needed.

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