Double-Sided Outdoor Kitchen Knife Sharpener, 1000/6000 Grit


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Double-Sided Outdoor Kitchen Knife Sharpener, 1000/6000 Grit $22.69$23.99

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This grindstone‌ is a highly durable and ⁤convenient sharpening tool designed from‍ fine quality, corrosion-resistant white⁣ corundum material. It’s characterized by‍ its heat-resistant ⁣properties, flat and smooth surface, and long-lasting ‌usage. ⁤


  • Constructed from superior quality white corundum, ensuring extended durability.
  • Features a double-sided design with different degrees‌ of tenderness, ‍contributing to its versatile use.
  • An excellent fit for sharpening a variety of tools including kitchen cutters, precision-tools, and more.
  • A requisite tool for both professional chefs and home kitchen ⁢users aiming ⁢to keep their ‍cutters sharp.
  • Designed for quick and effortless sharpening of dull or damaged cutters with minimal efforts.


  • Item type:​ Grindstone ⁣
  • Material: White corundum
  • Grit: Offers various options -⁤ 1000/3000,‌ 1000/6000, 3000/8000 (optional)
  • Package weight: ⁢Grindstone with base – 700g/1.54pounds
  • Package size: Grindstone with base – 190*70*35mm/7.48*2.75*1.37inches

Package Includes

  • 1⁢ Grindstone
  • 1 Base