Drillpro RB2: High-Speed Steel Router Bit Set for Wood Engraving


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Drillpro RB2 10pcs HSS Router Bit Burr For Dremel and Rotary Engraving Wood Working Tool
Drillpro RB2: High-Speed Steel Router Bit Set for Wood Engraving $10.99

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Product Name: Drillpro RB2 10pcs HSS Router Bits Burr For Dremel ‌and​ Rotary Engraving Woodworking Tool

Description: This set​ of Drillpro RB2 10pcs HSS Router Bits Burr is a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast. Designed for Dremel⁢ and Rotary ​Engraving tools, these bits are ⁣perfect ⁣for a variety of engraving and woodworking tasks.

Type: Drillpro ‍Woodworking Cutter
Material: High-Speed⁢ Steel (HSS)
Shank Diameter:‍ 3.175mm
Length: Approximately⁢ 40mm
Box‍ Size: 87x52x10mm (L*W*H)
Please⁣ note, there may ‌be a 0-2mm ‌error in ‍measurements.
Quantity: 1 box ⁤/ 10pcs

Application: These router ​bits are versatile and ⁢can be used for processing both metallic and‌ non-metallic surfaces. They are suitable for working with materials⁢ such as cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy ​steel, stainless steel,‍ copper, aluminum, and other‌ metals. They can⁣ also be used on non-metallic surfaces like marble, jade, and bone. They are perfect for use with ⁢an engraving machine or mini-Drill for various forms of cutting and engraving.

Safety Tips:
1. When using these carbide burrs on pneumatic or electric tools,⁤ ensure the‌ tool is clamped tight and⁢ the speed is ‍generally​ between 6000-40000 rev/min.
2. The cutting direction should ⁢move smoothly from right ⁣to‍ left. Avoid cutting back and forth as you would with‍ a wheel and be ‌careful not ⁢to apply too ⁤much force (pressure⁤ should​ generally not exceed⁢ 4 kg).

Package⁣ Included: 10pcs ​x Router Bit

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