DT24PW 240V Multifunctional DC Power Tester with External Shunts Options up to 1000A


DT24P DC0-1000V 30A DC Power Supply Voltmeter Ammeter Battery Coulometer Capacity Amp Tester Battery Fuel Meter
DT24PW 240V Multifunctional DC Power Tester with External Shunts Options up to 1000A $34.99$64.78

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Product Overview:

This device is engineered to assess the capacity, age, and performance of various battery types and power adapters. It can also be used to measure the voltage, current, and additional parameters of diverse DC power supplies. Ideal for ensuring optimal battery and power system operations.

Key Features:

  • Bidirectional Current Management: To maintain accuracy in capacity measurements, it is crucial to reset the capacity to zero before beginning any charging or discharging process. This ensures the display correctly counts from 0 up to the full capacity value of your battery, whether you are charging or discharging.
  • Accurate Display Updates: Avoid confusion with simultaneous display updates during both charging (incrementing from 0) and discharging (also incrementing from 0) processes.
  • Robust Measurement Capabilities:
    • Voltage measurement: 0-240V, accommodating both dependent and independent supply modes.
    • Current measurement: 0.5-1000A.(The power of the shunts varies with different models.)
    • Power measurement: Up to 144 kW (0-144000W).

Product Dimensions:

  • Installation Size: 76mm (Length) x 53mm (Width)
  • Panel Size: 85.7mm (Length) x 63mm (Width)

Electrical Parameters:

  • Independent Power Supply Requirement: 9-12V
  • Voltage Testing Range with Test Voltage Power Supply: 8-240V
  • Voltage Testing Range with Independent Power Supply: 0-240V

Software and App Integration:

  • PC and Android: Download the user manual, PC software, and mobile app using the following link: MediaFire Download
  • iOS App: Search for “E_test” on the iPhone App Store.


For systems utilizing an external power-off relay, ensure a stable and independent 5V (greater than 1A) power supply is connected to prevent control current failure and ensure system stability.

This product is ideal for technical professionals looking to monitor and enhance the efficiency of their electrical systems.

here are ​some detailed pictures of our product:


Explore the details and delve into the high-resolution world of this advanced voltmeter. Happy measuring!