Durable Hot Carpenter Edge Rule: Measuring Angle Ruler Protractor for Woodworking Measure Tools


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Measuring Angle Ruler Durable Hot Carpenter Edge Rule Woodworking Protractor Measure Tools
Durable Hot Carpenter Edge Rule: Measuring Angle Ruler Protractor for Woodworking Measure Tools $18.99$27.99

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Introducing the revolutionary Woodworking Edge Rule, designed to make your woodworking tasks easier and more precise. With its ability to wrap around the edge of your workpiece, this tool offers reliable measurements on either side.

Every seasoned woodworker knows the struggles that come with placing a ruler accurately on a large panel layout. Extending the production line from a small protractor can sometimes be hit or miss; even the tiniest mistake can lead to significantly greater deviations from the planned layout.

Our latest precision ruler is here to change the game. For ultimate precision in your panel layout work, trust in the Woodworking Edge Rule. Position the head at the desired point and press down to draw a straight line. The adjustable head can be fixed anywhere from 0° to 70°, and it securely locks in every 5° (additional settings are 22-1/ 2° and 67-1/ 2°). It brings you accurate reference reading and measurement options of 10 inches, 15 inches, or 20 inches.

The T-shaped square owes its success to an array of precision-machined index holes in juxtaposition with spring-type, close-tolerance index pins. The pin locks into place, assuring you of precise positioning every time.

But its usefulness doesn’t stop at being a rule. This is a versatile tool that caters to almost every project need. The blade features a unique serrated design, quite similar to our new stainless steel precision woodworking grid, complete with notches every sixteen inches along the entire blade. Place your pencil in a notch, then just slide the head along the stock edge, and voila! A perfectly parallel line!

Product Specification:
Name: Woodworking Ruler
Material: Metal
Size: 10 inches, 15 inches, 20 inches
Package includes: 1 x Woodworking Ruler