Elastic Recliner Sofa Cover for Optimal Fit and Comfort


This cover is made with elastic material to ensure a perfect fit
Protects your chair from dirt, dust, pet hairs, and water spillages
Easy to install and clean to give you convenience
Material: polyester fiber (polyester), polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex)
Suitable size: 24-32in (back width); 28-37in (backrest height); 30-38in (chair width)
Package content:

1 x Recliner Sofa Cover Elastic Material

Recliner Sofa Cover Elastic Material
Elastic Recliner Sofa Cover for Optimal Fit and Comfort $49.90

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Product Description:

Recliner Sofa Cover with Elastic Material

Ensure your recliner sofa is protected from damage due to water, dust and dirt with our Recliner Sofa Cover. It is crafted with an elastic material that allows it to conform perfectly to your chair, enhancing its longevity and aesthetic appeal.

A recliner sofa is a go-to comfort spot for activities like reading a book, watching television, or savoring your favorite hot drink. With our sofa cover, you can not only relax in comfort but also maintain the longevity of the chair, preventing wear and tear over time.

The Elastic and Flexible Material

Designed for the perfect fit, the Sofa Cover’s elasticity makes it flexible and ideal for a variety of chairs sizes, ranging from 24 to 32 inches in width and 28 to 37 inches in height. The package includes an individual seat and bottom cover to ensure a comprehensive coverage of your chair. The cover stays firmly put and does not slip, ensuring your sitting comfort is undisturbed. Moreover, the waterproof material safeguards your chair from possible liquid spills or sweat.

Ease of Cleaning and Installation

Maintaining hygiene with our Sofa Cover is effortless and convenient. All dust, dirt and spills are caught by the cover, protecting the chair beneath. It can be easily removed for cleaning and can be gently machine washed without bleach or drum drying. Additionally, the installation process is quick and straightforward, saving you effort and time.

Available in a range of colors, the cover can be coordinated with your furniture, adding to the overall aesthetic of your home decor. Experience a harmonious blend of functionality and style with our Recliner Sofa Cover.