Electric Centrifuge 4000rpm 110V/2200V with Safety Switch for Medical Lab, 12 x 20ml Capacity


110V/220V 4000rpm Electric Centrifuge Medical Lab Safety Switch With 12 x 20ml
Electric Centrifuge 4000rpm 110V/2200V with Safety Switch for Medical Lab, 12 x 20ml Capacity $277.99

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Dive into the details of our LXJ-802 model centrifuge, a versatile and efficient tool for your laboratory needs. With a rotating speed that ranges from 400 to 4000 revolutions per minute, this machine is designed to handle a variety of tasks. It operates on a 110V US or 220V EU 50Hz power supply, with a motor power of 40w.

The drum diameter is a compact 20mm, and the overall size of the unit is 40*40*35cm. It has a capacity of 20 mL×12 and can generate a Relative Centrifugal Force of 2350 ×g. You can set the timing from 1-60 minutes or leave it normally open. The power plug type is available in EU Plug(220v) or US Plug(110v) versions.

This lower-speed centrifuge is a popular choice in education, science, and production laboratories for biology, medical, and chemistry applications. It’s particularly useful for radioactivity immunity appraisal and cell or particle separation. But its uses don’t stop there – it’s also applicable in petroleum and plastic industries.

One of the standout features of this centrifuge is its high efficiency. It’s designed with environmental protection in mind and operates quietly. It’s suitable for a wide range of applications, including water treatment, chemical, petroleum, textile, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mineral processing, medical, pharmaceutical, food, and coal industries.

Operating this centrifuge is straightforward. Start by placing it on a stable table. Before use, rotate the speed knob to the minimum. Place the centrifuge tube, choose your time setting, and turn on the power. When you’re done, rotate the speed knob to the minimum again before turning off the power.

The package includes 1 x Electric Centrifuge.