Electric Crepe and Pancake Maker Pan – Perfect for Breakfast and Desserts


Use this electric pancake maker to cook yourself and your family some delicious pancake for breakfast
This is perfect for cooking crepes and other dishes as well with its smooth heating surface
This distributes heat evenly which helps you cook better, it also has a non-stick pan that’s easy to clean

Voltage: 220V / Wattage: 650W

Size: 280 x 290 x 70mm

The diameter of the baking tray: 23cm
Package Content:

1 x Electric Pancake Maker Crepe Pan

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Electric Pancake Maker Crepe Pan
Electric Crepe and Pancake Maker Pan - Perfect for Breakfast and Desserts $59.90

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Electric Pancake Maker Crepe Pan

Breakfast serves as ‍the kick-start meal fueling the beginning of your day.‌ But, to ensure the ​body is adequately nourished, it essential to eat right.⁣ For some, however, breakfast is the most difficult meal to⁤ engage with considering the lack of morning appetite. Hence, a delectable breakfast can help to boost the morning enthusiasm for food. Pancake is one such food item that‌ competes among the top contenders for pleasing a morning appetite. It⁣ just got easier to prepare pancakes using this‌ electric pancake maker. Besides, this equipment ⁤also simplifies ⁣the making of‍ crepes. Improve your breakfast game with this addition ⁢to your kitchen that helps ‍you cook like a professional.

Multiple Uses

Apart from making⁢ pancakes, this electric pancake maker is versatile enough to⁢ cook ​wide-ranging ⁤dishes. From making‌ crepes and rotis to cooking eggs and⁢ other favorite⁢ dishes, this⁤ pan is the perfect assistive ⁤addition⁢ to your ⁤kitchen. The evenly distributed heat‌ on its flat surface ensures your food is cooked perfectly.⁣ It ​employs ⁤electricity for heating, ⁣thus eliminating the need for gas. With ⁤an effortless plug in, this pancake maker ⁣can be put to use‍ instantly.

Non-Stick Surface

The smooth, ‌non-stick surface is ⁣a boon for easy cooking ⁣and cleaning. It assures that the ‌food slides right off, making serving and washing a breeze⁢ after every use.