Electric Guitar Pickup Box


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Product Features

The product features a 5-Band EQ composed of volume control, presence control, bass control, middle 1 control, middle 2 control, treble control, and a tuner power on/off button.

Its comprehensive kit delivers an excellent tone and pickup range. Integrated into this product is a 5 band powered preamp pickup unit which is equipped to enhance your electric guitar sound.

This product is designed with a clear LCD display for convenient and straightforward readability. With a glance, users can directly view crucial information without any fuss.

The pickup is conveniently designed to be installed inside any standard acoustic guitar, providing an easy-use system.


The pickup is available in a distinctive Blue color. It operates with a DC9V 6F22 battery, which, however, is not part of the package.

Frequency response is pegged at 20Hz-20KHz, and it offers an impressive control range: Bass: ±12dB at 60Hz, Middle: ±12dB at 500Hz, Middle 2: ±12dB at 1.2KHz, Treble: ±12dB at 3KHz, Presence: ±12dB at 8KHz.

Connection-wise, it provides 6.5mm and XLR output jacks. The size of the package is 20 * 13 * 5cm / 7.87 * 5.12 * 1.97in.

Meanwhile, the weight of the package is stipulated to be 200g / 7.05oz.

Note: The package does not include the battery.

Package Contents

Each package contains 1 Pickup, 1 Pickup stick, 1 Nylon cable, 8 Screws, 1 Cable holder, and 1 Battery box.