Electric Music Drum with Color-Changing Night Light – Multifunctional Instrument


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Electric Music Drum with Color-Changing Night Light - Multifunctional Instrument $28.99

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Features: Unique Design: The Musical Clapping Drum blends traditional drum elements with contemporary technology to produce a singular instrument that captivates visually and ​interactively. Its⁣ transparent shell allows a direct view of the interior architecture, making⁢ for a riveting ​gaming​ experience.

Multifunctional Features: Our Handdrum with⁤ Projection is equipped with a variety⁣ of intriguing features. It houses 4 drum⁤ sounds, 4 rhythm drums, 10 music tracks, and 6 musical instrument melodies, offering a musical style exploration. Additionally, the ​integration of‍ a dynamic RGB ‌light captivates with‌ an intriguing ⁣visual spectacle.

Interactive Experience:⁣ The‌ Music Double Drum is designed for simple touch and strike interaction. Tapping on the drum surface yields 8 diverse drum sounds and rhythms, allowing users to improve ⁤their rhythmic skills while relishing the joy of drumming.

Enchanting Night Light: The Night ‍Light Drum offers ​an​ enchanting 3D ​lighting display that elicits a calm and serene ambiance, making it an ideal night-time decorative projection. The shimmering, ⁢dancing lights add a magical element to any room or performance.

Perfect ⁢Gift Choice: Packaged in an⁤ elegantly ‍designed box, the Electric Music Drum makes a superb gift for birthdays, special occasions, or to express gratitude. Its safe, rounded edges and volume control feature ensure comfortable use and hearing protection.


Drum Sound: 4

Rhythm⁤ Drum Sound: 4

Music: 10

Instrumental Music: 6

RGB Light Transformation: 7

Product Colors: Green, White (options vary)

Product Size: 23 * 12 * 10cm/ ​9.1 * 4.7 * 3.9in

Product Weight: 380g/ 13.4oz

Note: The actual‍ color of the item may differ slightly⁤ from the color shown ⁣in the pictures due to varying display screens and lighting‍ conditions.

Packing List

1 x ​Musical ​Drum