Electric Paint Sprayer HVLP 400W 800ML Portable Handheld Air Spray Machine


400W 800ML Electric Paint Sprayer HVLP Portable Handheld Air Spray Machine
Electric Paint Sprayer HVLP 400W 800ML Portable Handheld Air Spray Machine $51.99

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Introducing the 400W 800ML Electric Paint ‌Sprayer HVLP Portable Handheld Air Spray Machine. This​ high-performance tool is designed to make your painting tasks easier and more efficient.

-⁤ Plug: Available in EU and US versions
– Material: Durable Plastic
– Color: Vibrant ⁣Yellow
– ‍Size: Compact at ⁢25×26.5x12cm/9.8×10.4×4.7in
– Rated ⁤voltage: ⁢110V/220V~50HZ
– Rated power: ​400W
– Nozzle size: 2.5mm
– Motor speed: High-speed at 28000rpm
– Container capacity: Large 800ml

– COOLING AIR INLET: ‍Designed with a large heat-dissipating‍ air inlet for efficient heat ​dissipation, ensuring the longevity⁤ of the⁢ machine.
– ONE-BUTTON SWITCHING POWER⁣ SUPPLY: This feature makes it ‍safer and more convenient to use. Plus, its ​ergonomic design adds to ‌the ease ​of ‌use.
– ⁤ADJUSTMENT KNOB: Comes with an adjustment knob to ‍control⁣ the flow‍ mode, ‌promoting efficiency⁤ and material saving.
-⁢ Multi-directional nozzle that can spray both horizontally and vertically.
– ‌Adjustable spray output to ⁢cater ⁣to large or ⁤small surfaces.
– No pumping required, ⁣making⁤ it⁢ user-friendly.
-‌ Easy trigger action operation.
– Versatile as it can spray water or solvent-based paints, varnishes, wood ‍sealers, finishes,‍ primers, and stains.
– 800ml container capacity ‍that can paint up to 7 ⁤square meters.
– ⁢Can paint up to a vertical angle of 45 degrees.

Package ⁣Includes:‍ 1 x Electric Sprayer

More Details: Please refer to the images‌ below for a closer look at ‍the product.