Electric Wrench Set DC 12V 85W 350N.M for Changing Tires and Wheel Repair Tool


DC 12V 85W 350N.M Electric Wrench Change Tire Wheel Repair Tool Set
Electric Wrench Set DC 12V 85W 350N.M for Changing Tires and Wheel Repair Tool $100.99

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Product Name: Electric Car Wrench

Have a glimpse into the exclusive specifications of our Electric Car Wrench, judiciously crafted to cater to your needs. Flaunting a universally powerful color scheme, our wrench is available in red and yellow, offering you variety and versatility.

This tool operates on a DC 12V voltage along with an appreciable rating of 85W power. We’ve engineered this tool with a maximum torque of 350N.M to ensure a high degree of efficiency. To offer adaptability, it comes with two intelligently fitted sockets of sizes 17/19mm and 21/23mm. Furthermore, it features a drive shaft head size of 12.5mm and is operated through a handy wire control method.

One of the notable features is its inclusion of an electric bulb, making tire changes effortless, even in the dim lit conditions, thus saving your valuable time. An intricate manipulation of the switch “=” for a mere duration of 5 seconds enables easy nut removal, further simplifying tire replacements.

Irrespective of whether you own off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, or cars, this wrench proves to be an invaluable addition to your toolkit.

Our Electric Car Wrench package features:
– 1 x Electric Car Wrench
– 1 x Battery Clip
– 1 x Cigarette Lighter
– 1 x Fuse
– 2 x Sockets (17/19mm and 21/23mm)

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