ELEGIANT EGS-04 Bluetooth Selfie Stick – Lightweight Mobile Selfie Pod with Integrated Design


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ELEGIANT EGS-04 Mobile Selfie Stick Bluetooth Selfie Stick Integrated Design Lightweight Wireless Minipod for Mobile Phone
ELEGIANT EGS-04 Bluetooth Selfie Stick - Lightweight Mobile Selfie Pod with Integrated Design $12.99

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Specifications: The ELEGIANT EGS-04 model is a finely crafted product made from a durable combination of Aluminum Alloy, ‌ABS, ⁣and PC materials. It is ⁢powered by a CR1620 65mAh battery. Despite its robust constitution, the product‌ weighs just 105 grams, making ‍it‌ portable. Its maximum⁢ length ranges from 16.5 to 65cm. ⁤With ⁢its frame diameter of ⁤55mm-90mm, it accommodates most ​smartphones ⁤ranging from​ 4.0 to 6.0 inches. The product dimensions stand at 4.6cm x 19.55cm ​x 2.7cm and it⁣ can effectively function between temperatures of -10 to 50⁣ ℃.

Features: The ELEGIANT EGS-04 boasts⁢ of a remote control feature ⁢with a strong signal, capable ​of working up ⁣to a range of ‍10 meters. Its⁤ premium ⁢quality aluminum alloy⁤ makes it⁣ more durable compared to ⁣typical selfie sticks made from PC material. The product comes with ‍a comprehensive Bluetooth all-in-one design:

  1. Simply extract the downrod ‌from the casing and adjust it to your⁣ preferred length. Pull one end of the chuck and insert your phone.
  2. Press and hold the button for 3 ⁣seconds until the indicator⁣ flashes green. Next, activate your⁤ phone’s Bluetooth⁢ feature and connect to “ELEGIANT EGS-04”.
  3. Once the Bluetooth connection ⁣is established, you can then‍ activate your ⁤phone’s camera and take photos using the product’s button.

Ergonomically designed, this selfie stick offers⁣ a stylish and modern appearance.⁤ Its lightweight, ⁤foldable, and compact design enables users to easily carry it in ⁣a pocket or bag. The⁣ built-in ‌Bluetooth feature is compatible with most smartphones operating ​on iOS 7.0 or ‌Android 5.0 and above. Despite⁣ its mini size,⁢ when fully unfolded, it can extend up to 67⁢ cm.‌

Package Included: This product ​comes ‍with 1 x ⁤Selfie Stick, 1 x⁤ Bag, and a comprehensive instruction manual.