Face Shield Glasses Protective Cover

Face Shield Glasses Protective Cover


Wear this face shield glasses and protect yourself better from viruses, dust, and even oil splatters
This is easier to wear and is comfortable, it does not feel heavy on your face as well
It has a clear transparent face shield where you can see clearly and is easy to clean
Material: Plastic
Size: 22 x 17cm or 8.66 x 6.69″
Holder: 14 x 5cm or 5.51 x 1.97″
Package Content:

1 x Face Shield Glasses Protective Cover



Face Shield Glasses Protective Cover
Protecting ourselves from harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses is even more important nowadays. With the present threat of a harmful virus, everyone is on guard and even more careful in protecting our health. This way, we can prevent getting sick and prevent the disease from spreading further. Now, there are precautionary measures that we can do to go out safely. By wearing a face mask and frequent hand washing, we can keep ourselves free from the virus. More so, protecting our eyes and our face is also important since the eyes are also a vulnerable area where the virus can enter. Good thing there is this face shield glasses that you can use in order to protect your face. Consequently, this is ideal to wear for front-liners or people who expose themselves to other people often. Aside from protecting us, this is also convenient for other purposes.
Convenient to Wear
This face shield design has a much more convenient design than others. Most face shield designs require you to strap it on your forehead. The thing about this design is that it might start hurting your head and will become uncomfortable after some time. But with this design, you can easily wear this face shield like wearing glasses. Instead of only covering your eyes like regular glasses, this covers and protects your whole face. It is like having your very own protective screen. More so, this is ideal to wear as well when you are cooking. This will protect your face from hot oil splattering. It also prevents you from contaminating the food.
Clear Shield
You can see properly even if you wear this since it has a clear transparent shield. More, this is also easy to clean as well. Get yours now and protect yourself better.

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