Flux Cored Wire for Gasless Welding, MIG Welding Wire, Steel Material


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E71T-GS Cored Gasless Flux Welding Wire no Gaas or MIG Welding Wire ER70S-6 0.6 / 0.8 / 0.9mm 1kg Steel Welding Material
Flux Cored Wire for Gasless Welding, MIG Welding Wire, Steel Material $36.99$38.99

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Product⁣ Description:

Delve ‌into the world of‌ welding with our top-grade Welding Wire. Crafted from steel, this welding wire boasts excellent melting properties with a melting point of 1515. The ‌wirings come equipped ⁤with⁤ a ⁣variety of diameters – ⁤0.6mm, 0.8mm,⁢ and 0.9mm which you can purchase as⁣ per your requirements. Our offered product is available in two different models: Gasless and MIG that weigh significantly light around 1kg.

The uniqueness of our product stems from its usability area. This Mig wire ER70S-6 needs ‍a⁢ shield ‌gas: Aws​ a5.18 ER70S-6 ‍(sg2 g3si1). It ⁢is perfect for all the medium base to heavy ‌mill scale materials. It effortlessly deals with sheet metal possessing a ​yield strength in the‍ range of‌ 380 – 485 mpa (55 – ⁣70 ksi). ⁢Whether it’s an automotive repair or hard automation and structural steel, or robotic assistance ⁤you require, it comes to your rescue. It splendidly backs up short-circuit, ‌globular, axial spray, and pulsed spray transfer in⁢ all positions.

The product is low ​in spatter yet high in speed! It ‍offers good granule appearance, ⁢devoid of porosity, making it easy ⁢to ​weld. Moreover, the shield gas accompanies 100% co2 or 80% ⁢t air + ​20% co2.

On ‌the other hand, our E71T-GS gasless ‌flux-cored soldering wire doesn’t ⁣necessitate any gas shield! The Aws E71T-GS self-shielding flux-colored wire ⁢is which can weld both⁣ fine carbon‍ and carbon-manganese steels in all positions. It is designed in such ⁢a manner that the shielding gas ⁤isn’t required at all. It supports ⁢both single and multi-pass ‍welding. Offering low spatter, comprehensive⁤ slag​ coverage, easy slag removal, free porosity, and⁢ a fantastic granule appearance.

What’s more? This versatile welding​ wire can be used for welding galvanized ⁢and ⁣zinc-coated⁤ plates as well. Applications are ⁤broad and vast!‌ Use it for ​car body repairs, tanks, boilers, and ​structural steel works (large thickness), earth ⁣works, and‍ construction works. Always remember ‍to use it in a dcem = direct current, negative electrode (straight ​polarity) environment. It’s perfect for welding outdoors or in windy conditions.

Package Included:

1x⁣ Welding Wire

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