Foldable Outdoor Cat Toy Tunnel: Interactive and Durable


This Outdoor Cat Tunnel allows cats to have more fun outdoors
It is made of environmental fabric that is resistant to the weather
The tunnel is foldable for convenience when storing it and is travel-friendly
Material: Polyester Cloth / Weight: 310g
Diameter: 25 cm / Total Length: 123 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Outdoor Cat Tunnel

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Outdoor Cat Tunnel Foldable Toy
Foldable Outdoor Cat Toy Tunnel: Interactive and Durable $28.90

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Outdoor Cat Tunnel Foldable Toy

Give your pet the best of both worlds with our Outdoor Cat Tunnel Foldable Toy! This versatile toy is suitable not only for cats, but for puppies too. Designed to offer a safe and engaging play environment, this tunnel will be an exciting addition to your pets’ routine. It enables them to enjoy the outdoors, while providing you with peace of mind regarding their safety and cleanliness.

![Outdoor Cat Tunnel Foldable Toy]

Constructed with high quality environmental fabric, this outdoor cat tunnel is engineered to endure various weather conditions, including rain and wind. The entrance of the tunnel features a hanging toy designed to pique your cat’s curiosity, enticing them to explore the tunnel. As the wind blows, the toy will swing, mimicking moving prey to entice your pet further into the tunnel. Constructed from breathable material, this tunnel ensures a cool and comfortable environment for your pet, even on hot summer days.

![Cat Tunnel Fabric]

The Outdoor Cat Tunnel Foldable Toy folds conveniently for easy storage and transport, making it perfect for travel. To set it up, just unfold the tunnel and it will spring into shape, ready for use. The tunnel includes a small window in the center, allowing you to keep an eye on your furry friend. This multipurpose tunnel not only serves as a playful getaway for your pet, but it can also be a quiet and safe space for them to rest.

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