Folder Organizer Expanding File Holder


Organizing your files will now be easier if you place and keep them on this folder organizer
It has a lot of pockets or sections where you can separate your files and categorize them better
It is also color-coordinated with secure closure and portable so you can bring this around with you
Material: PP plastic / Number of cells: 13 / Paper Size: A6 Paper
Material thickness: 0.6mm / Weight: 90g / Size: 178 x 118 x 25mm
Package Content:

1 x Folder Organizer Expanding File Holder

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Folder Organizer Expanding File Holder
Folder Organizer Expanding File Holder $18.60

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Folder Organizer Expanding File Holder
Taking the time and effort to properly organize your papers, files, and important documents is a good investment. There will come a time where you will have to urgently find important papers. And then you will wish that you took the time and effort to properly organize them. Consequently, many people find it hard to properly organize papers. However, this leads to many of your important files getting lost or misplaced. What you need is a good file organizer just like this folder organizer. Whether you are a student or an office worker, dealing with paper is part of our daily lives. That is why it is important to integrate a good organizing system in our work. And the best way you can do that is by investing in one of these. Now, you can easily retrieve the papers you need and categorize them into this folder.
13 Pockets
What makes this folder perfect for organizing your files is that it has 13 pockets. And in each of these pockets, you can easily fit more than one paper. So, you can categorize and place your paper in one of the pockets of this folder. Now that you categorized them in separate pockets, you can immediately retrieve them whenever you need them. Aside from that, you can also label each of these pockets to make it easier for you to find what you need. More so, it is also color-coordinated so it definitely helps in identifying which pocket you put the papers.
Portable and Secure
You can easily bring this with you to school or work since it is in a perfectly portable size. Also, it is just thick enough where you can easily hold it in one hand. And it also has a secure closure your papers won’t fall off this.