Garden Lawn Edging with Flexible Garden Border


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Flexible Garden Border Garden Lawn Edging
Garden Lawn Edging with Flexible Garden Border $34.47$40.47

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Technical Specifications:
Purpose: Ideal for Grass and Stone Isolation
Dimensions: Available in 3 meters and 6 meters
Color: Aesthetically pleasing Dark Green

Features and Benefits:
▶ Landscape Enhancement: Transform your yard into a picturesque landscape without the need for professional services. All you need is to prepare the ground for landscape decoration.
▶ DIY Friendly: Simply carve a depth of about 2 inches on the ground around your desired design, position the edging where you want it, and tap the isolation tape into the soil.
▶ Flexibility: The robust plastic construction allows the edging to be installed or molded in a straight line or to form a tight curve, as per your requirements.
▶ Customizable Length: For shorter lengths, just measure the required length and cut it with a garden shear.

Package Contents:
1 x Garden Lawn Edging
1 set of Fixed Nails