Glass Cover Accessories with 2.4MM Nozzle for TIG Welding Gun


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TIG Welding Gun Accessories 2.4MM Nozzle Glass Cover for WP-17/18/26 3/32
Glass Cover Accessories with 2.4MM Nozzle for TIG Welding Gun $12.99

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Here’s⁢ a⁢ closer look at the features‍ and specifications of this ⁣product.
Ever tried the electrode clip made⁤ of copper material with minimal impurities? It’s incredible! Impurities like phosphorus, arsenic,⁤ aluminum, ​etc. that ​drastically reduce copper’s conductivity are ‍nearly non-existent ‍in⁣ these clips.

Furthermore, the⁣ built-in Gas Lens‍ Insulator serves an essential function – ‍it⁤ seals effectively preventing ⁤argon or air leakage into the welding‍ torch.

It’s designed to ⁢fit perfectly for Tig WP-17/18/26 3/32″ applications. As pictured,‍ this welding⁤ accessory’s‌ color is aesthetically pleasing and quality assured.

What can​ you use it for?⁤ Well, it’s⁢ best suitable for TIG applications. The tungsten needle clip ⁢measures 2.4 for a sturdy and robust grip.

Package Content:
Order now, and you’ll receive:

  • 1 x TIG Back Caps
  • 1 x Glass Cup
  • 1 x 10N24S Collet
  • 1 x 17GL332 ⁤Collet Body
  • 2​ x Gas Lens Insulator
  • 4 x Seal ⁢Rings

Product Images:
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