Glowing Dog Collar LED Safety Leash


By using this glowing dog collar, your dog will become more visible at night and will be easier to find
It has a bright glow that you can see from afar and yet at the same time not distracting for your dog
this collar is waterproof so it stays on even when your dog gets wet, it is adjustable as well
Material: Nylon + LED
Battery: 2PCS button battery (Not included)
Size Variants:

XS: neck circumference 28-38cm, width 2.0cm, full length 41cm
S: neck circumference 34-41cm, width 2.5cm, full length 44cm
M: neck circumference 37-46cm, width 2.5cm, full length 50cm
L: neck circumference 41-52cm, width 2.5cm, full length 56cm
XL: neck circumference 42-56cm, width 2.5cm, full length 60cm

Package Content:

1 x Glowing Dog Collar LED Safety Leash

Glowing Dog Collar LED Safety Leash
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Glowing Dog Collar LED Safety Leash
We want nothing bad to happen to our pet dogs. They are very lovable creatures who are very special to us. That is why we want them to be safe and healthy all the time. Especially that they can be very hyper and active at times. Consequently, because of the active nature of dogs, pet owners often like to take them out for walks since dogs enjoy that very much. That is why dog owners and their dogs go to parks or a peaceful road where they can enjoy walking. However, dogs can get too excited sometimes wherein they break free from your leash and run around. So, they might get lost when this happens. Even worse is if this happens during night time when it is dark. Now, give them this glowing dog collar so they can be more visible in the dark.
Bright LED Light
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to go with your dog at night or when you lose them in the dark, then this collar will be extremely helpful. When your dog wears this, they will become more visible in the dark so it makes it easier for you to find the. More so, this can also help them avoid accidents since they are more visible. This collar is not your typical one since it has a bright LED that makes it glow. With this, people will be able to notice your dog more clearly. At the same time, the light is not distracting or stressful for your dog.
Waterproof and Adjustable
You won’t have to worry about this when it rains or when your dog gets wet since this collar is waterproof. Aside from that, it is adjustable as well so it can fit comfortably on your pet’s neck.