Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit Regulator Paint Primer Metal Flake 1.9/1.7L Spray Gun


Spray Gun Gravity Feed SPRAY GUN Kit Regulator Paint Primer Metal Flake 1.9/1.7L
Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit Regulator Paint Primer Metal Flake 1.9/1.7L Spray Gun $26.99

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Discover the power of precision with our high-quality‌ spray gun. Crafted from robust materials,⁢ this tool is designed to last, providing you with a reliable solution for ⁣all your ​painting needs. Its simple operation and ‌compact ⁢design make it easy to‍ carry and ⁤use, while its ⁢low⁤ noise output ensures a peaceful working environment.

This spray gun is compatible with spraying machines of​ the same specification, offering a convenient and quick setup. It ‌boasts‌ a range of impressive⁢ features, including flow regulation, high pressure, and spraying uniformity. Its rapid⁢ disassembly feature ‌makes ‍it easy to clean⁢ and ​maintain.

One of the standout features of this spray gun is its ability to deliver excellent ‌surface quality. It ensures‌ one-time film forming, smooth spraying, and uniform coating, eliminating brush marks and ⁣particles. This superior quality spray gun offers⁣ better than 75%‌ transfer efficiency with less than 10% psi output pressure, ⁢complying with environmental regulations.

This versatile tool is ideal for a ⁤wide range of applications, including steel surface structure, epoxy flooring,​ oil⁢ paint construction, tile industry water, home⁣ decoration construction, construction business, paint spraying‌ construction of ship,⁢ spray construction ⁤of silicon⁢ mud algae, and die oil spray.

Choose ‍from two ⁣styles: 517 or 519. The maximum flow is either 1.7L/min or 1.9L/min. The nozzle is made from stainless⁣ steel. The product size is approximately ‌14cm * 21cm / 5.5″ ‌* 8.3″, and the package size ⁢is about 23cm * 14.5cm * 5cm / ‍9″ * 5.7″ * 2″.

Package Includes
Your package ‍will ⁣include 1‍ * Spray Gun ⁤(TypeA-517/TypeB-519), 1 * Nozzle Holder, ⁢and 1 * Nozzle.

Please allow a 1-3cm measuring deviation‌ due‌ to manual measurement. Also, monitors may display colors differently, so the ⁣product color may vary slightly from the images. Please refer to the ‌actual product.⁢ The package​ only includes the spray gun, not the machine. Product colors are shipped randomly.