Handheld Rechargeable Colorimeter: Spectrophotometer with Auto Calibration, 6mm & 11mm Test Aperture, IPS Touchscreen, Color Difference Tester


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Handheld Rechargeable Colorimeter: Spectrophotometer with Auto Calibration, 6mm & 11mm Test Aperture, IPS Touchscreen, Color Difference Tester $257.99

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The portable ⁢spectral ⁤colorimeter is a user-friendly device complete with an automatic calibration feature. Manufactured with a rechargeable battery, this tool is ⁢ideal for various industries that require color matching instructions and color separation measurements.


The colorimeter sports a 2.4-inch IPS full-color touchscreen for straightforward reading and has a unique dual test aperture capability with ‌sizes of 6mm and 11mm. ‍Its automatic calibration and one-button start testing ​make it effortless to obtain color ⁤differences between various targets.

Equipped with international D/8 and SCI measuring conditions, it handles highly reflective samples with ease. It​ also supports​ software ​in the‍ computer, has USB data transmission capabilities, and features APP mass storage for data records.

This portable spectrocolorimeter ⁢proves valuable in ​different‌ industries such as plastic, paint, printing, packaging, automobiles, textiles, food, and more. For convenient use, ‌you can ‍stick the self-adhesive magnetic base on your desktop and place the colorimeter with ‍a charging and calibration base⁤ on it.

You can even manage and analyze the ⁢color meter data on your APP after connecting it with your phone, PC, or computer. The built-in 3000mAh lithium battery simplifies the charging process through a Type-C USB interface, though ⁣a 5V 2A adapter is recommended to prevent damage.


Material: ABS

Measurement Area/Aperture Size: MAV:⁤ φ11mm+SAV: 6 φmm

Geometry and Angle: d/8 (diffused illumination, 8 degree viewing) SCI (specular component included)

Standards ⁤Compliant: Conform to standard CIE No. 15, GB/T 3978, ⁢GB 2, GB/T 18833, ‌IS07724-1, ​ASTM E1164, DIN5033 Teil7

Spectroscopic‌ Method:‌ Integrated optical component

Sensor: CMOS sensor

Color Value: Reflectance, CIE-Lab,CIE-LCh,HunterLab,CIE-Luv,XYZ,Yxy,RGB ColorDifference(ΔE*ab,ΔE*cmc,ΔE*94,ΔE*00) WI(ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73,CIE/ISO, AATCC,Hunter,TaubeBerger,Stensby,R457),YI(ASTM D1925, ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73),Blackness(My,dM),Color Fastness,‌ Tint(ASTM E313-00),Color Density(CMYK(A,T,E,M)),Milm, Munsell,Opacity,ColorStrength

Integrating Sphere Diameter: 40mm

Lighting ⁢Source: LED (Full band balanced ⁣LED⁤ light source)

Wavelength Interval: 10nm

Wavelength Range: 400-700nm

Reflectance Measurement Range: 200%

Reflectance Resolution: 0.01%

Measurement Accuracy: 0.01

Repeatability: △E*ab ≤0.03

Measurement Time: About 1S

Interface: USB, BT

Observer Angle: 2°,10°

Screen: IPS full-color screen, ⁤2.4 inches

Battery:‌ Rechargeable, 8,000 times⁤ continuous tests, 3.7V/3000mAh

Light Source Lifetime: 10 years, 3 million tests

Language: Chinese, English

Calibration: Automatic

Software support:⁤ Android/iOS/Wins/WeChat‌ applet

Pass Metrology: ​Yes

Camera: Yes

Storage: App mass storage

Built-in ⁢Battery: 3.7V 3000mAh lithium battery

Base Size: 90 * 72‍ * ⁣50mm / 3.54 * 2.83 * 1.97in

Item Size (without base): 185 * 75 *‍ 52mm / 7.28 * 2.95 * 2.05in

Item Weight(with base): 371g / 0.82lb

Package Weight: 1046g / 2.31lb

Package Size: 29 ‌* 28 * 10cm / 11.42 * 11.02 * 3.94in

Package List

1 * Color Meter

1 * Calibration Base

1 * Black⁣ Calibration Box

1 * Aluminum ‍Alloy Base

1 * 11mm Aperture

1 * 6mm⁢ Aperture

1 * U Disk

1 * Type-C Cable

1 * Manual (English)