Handmade Resin Coaster with Durable Plated Decor


This Resin Coaster has a unique and beautiful design so it can serve as a decor
It is hand-plated with high-quality material on the edges so it can remain smooth
It is durable and doesn’t absorb moisture so it can be easy to clean
Material: Ceramic, Flannel
Diameter: 10 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Resin Coaster

Resin Coaster Hand-Plated Decor
Handmade Resin Coaster with Durable Plated Decor $14.90

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Product Description: Resin Coaster Hand-Plated Decor

This Resin Coaster Hand-Plated Decor is an excellent tool to keep your dining table dry at all times. The coaster’s function is to lie beneath your beverage container, whether a mug, cup or glass, to catch any excess droplets that may form due to hot or cold temperatures.

Unlike traditional fabric coasters, this Resin Coaster, crafted from waterproof material, prevents the accumulation of moisture on your table. When using a hot or cold beverage, condensation forms on the surface of your drink holder. These droplets can drop onto your table and create unwanted moisture. This coaster eliminates that issue, by efficiently catching any droplets.

Aside from simply protecting your table from moisture, the Resin Coaster Hand-Plated Decor also shields your table from potential damage due to rapid temperature changes. The introduction of either hot or cold temperatures can potentially crack a table surface. By placing this coaster underneath, it creates a preventive barrier, mitigating possible cracking or other temperature-induced damages.

What sets this coaster apart is not only its functionality but its captivating design. The semi-transparent, hand-plated design produces a visually pleasing addition to not only your table but to your overall home decor. Each coaster possesses a unique, vibrant design that could add a pop of color to your table arrangement and to your home. Not to mention, its hand-plated sides promote longevity by adding smooth, high-quality edges to the resin coaster.

This Resin Coaster Hand-Plated Decor is not just for practical use; it is also an aesthetically pleasing piece of artistry. Apart from its moisture-catching and table-protective qualities, it can also beautifully complement your home as an item of decor, adding an eye-catching splash of color to your table setting.