Moving Kit with Heavy Furniture Shifter Lifter Wheels for Table Sofa Removal Lens Slider Mover


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Heavy Furniture Shifter Lifter Wheels Moving Kit Slider Mover Table Sofa Removal lens
Moving Kit with Heavy Furniture Shifter Lifter Wheels for Table Sofa Removal Lens Slider Mover $44.99

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This handy tool⁣ is a must-have for any home, whether you’re planning a full house move or just the occasional rearrange.
The wheel of the moving dolly is detachable, making it easy to reinstall should it bump or fall during ‌the ‌transport process.
For furniture without feet, simply lift it off the ​ground to a height of 0.098in‍ / 2.5mm and place the furniture lift tool underneath. For footed furniture, ensure the height of the ​feet does not exceed 0.5inch / 3.3cm.
This tool is suitable for use on hard wood floors, laminates, and carpet, and will not damage your​ floors. It’s‍ the perfect aid for moving furniture around the home without needing to ‍call⁤ in reinforcements.
It’s ideal for moving household items like fridges, sofas, beds, ‌desks, cabinets and more;
Simply insert the furniture moving wheel into the four corners of the furniture. Each moving‌ wheel is equipped with four small wheels ⁢and can bear up to 200 kg/440Lbs, making it easy to move furniture or heavy objects.
Whether you’re cleaning or moving, this furniture moving wheel will lend you a hand, eliminating the struggle ⁣of moving furniture.
Material: ABS
High-quality steel
Color: Red
Weight: 1.36kg
Size: As shown in the picture
Each moving wheel can bear up to 200kg/440Lbs
Package Includes
1 x Furniture Lifter
4 x Furniture moving wheel
1. The product can bear up to 200kg, making it suitable for moving refrigerators, washing machines, wardrobes, etc.
2. It can⁣ be rotated 360 degrees, thanks to the black anti-slider that allows for free rotation.