High Accuracy, Waterproof, Rechargeable Kitchen Scale with Advanced Features


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High Accuracy, Waterproof, Rechargeable Kitchen Scale with Advanced Features $23.99$28.99

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This product is ⁣a lightweight and portable electronic scale ‌that is easy to carry ​and store. It features an ABS‌ engineering plastics housing and a stainless steel panel design for increased durability⁢ and easy maintenance. The scale offers a‍ range of functions including counting, on/off ⁤switching, tare ‍zeroing, an adjustable auto shutdown time,‌ unit conversion, and⁤ an overload protection‍ feature. It allows for weight unit switching between ⁢g, lb, ounce, ml, PCS (quantity-), and an additional kg unit for the⁢ 10kg type. This versatility makes it suitable ⁤for various settings including ‌homes, kitchens, shops, ⁣and laboratories.


Simple​ and Atmospheric Design: The‌ electronic scale boasts a ‍simple yet elegant design, with a carbon black stainless steel weighing plate that complements various decoration styles. A purple backlight LCD display with a brightly lit, large-font ⁤display ‌ensures⁤ a clear and easy weighting reading and operation.

Premium⁣ Material & Waterproof & Dustproof Design: The scale features an ABS engineering plastic housing and a stainless steel panel design, offering durability ​and ease of cleaning. An IP67 waterproof and​ dustproof⁤ design allows ⁢the entire⁢ body of the scale to be washed, providing dust and insect protection,⁣ suitable for complex​ environments, and ensuring a longer lifespan.

● ⁣ Full-featured ⁣& Multi-unit Selection: The scale offers various features including counting, on/off switching,⁢ tare zeroing, auto shutdown‌ time adjustment, unit conversion, and overload protection. It supports weight unit switching between g, lb, ounce, ml, PCS (quantity-), and an additional kg unit for the 10kg type.

Multiple Powersupply System: The scale offers flexible power supply options. It can be powered by a built-in‌ 400mAH lithium battery and USB charging or three AAA batteries. It can also be operated by directly connecting ⁣it to power using a​ self-carrying power cord, providing adaptability ⁤to a variety of⁣ use scenarios.

Multi-specification Available: The scale is ‍available in three ‌specifications: ​10kg/1g, ‌5kg/0.1g, 10kg/0.1g to meet different measurement needs.⁤ Accurate measurement capabilities make it suitable for various locations, including homes, kitchens, shops, and laboratories.


Name: Electronic‍ Scale

Material: ABS ​plastics + stainless steel panel

Type: ‍5kg/0.1g,⁢ 10kg/0.1g,10kg/1g (optional)

Display size: 65 * 20mm / 2.56 * 0.79in

Scale body size: 152 * 152mm / 5.98 * 5.98in

Item size: 202 *⁣ 158 ​* 41mm / 7.95⁣ * 6.22 * 1.61in

Item weight: 505g ​/ 1.11lb

Package size: 236 * 203 * ⁢52mm / 9.29 * 7.99 * 2.05in

Package weight: ‍640g / 1.41lb

Packing⁢ List

1 * Electronic Scale