High-Efficiency 4000W Peak Power Modified Sine Wave Inverter


High-Efficiency 4000W Peak Power Modified Sine Wave Inverter $39.59

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This modified​ sine wave inverter offers ⁢reliable transformation of DC power from⁢ a​ battery ​into AC power that ⁣can be utilized to ‍operate a diverse range of appliances such as ‍lights, computers, ‍and medical equipment. The DC to AC car power inverter gives⁣ consistent delivery of 300 watts ⁢of power with a peak power of 600 watts.


The product features ‍a colorful ⁤LED Display that ​shows the battery input voltage, output voltage, load capacity, frequency and more. It also​ includes 2⁣ USB‌ ports and ‍AC outlets for fast charging. It allows‍ simultaneous⁢ charging of devices like phones and​ tablets while the AC outlets cater to the​ need‍ of a laptop, kindle, game ⁤console, TV, DVD players, ‍lights, RV, ‍and other electronic⁢ devices.

It also​ offers a modified sine wave output which ensures low interference,‌ low noise, ​and robust⁣ load capacity which ⁤extends⁢ the service ⁣life of ​your equipment. The inverter also includes a ⁣multi-protection ​built-in fuse to protect your device. This safe ⁤charging design provides protection against reverse connection, ​overheating, under and over voltage, short-circuiting, overloads, and overcharging.

Its lightweight ⁤and compact design make it‍ the ‍perfect companion for ⁣vacations,‌ camping⁤ and work trips. It can plug into almost any⁤ 12V‍ power output vehicle, providing you charging opportunities anywhere you go.


Output Voltage: 110V;‍ 220V (Optional)

Color: Red; Black (Optional)

Material: ABS, Electronic ⁤Components

Waveform: Modified Sine Wave

Surge Peak Power: 4000W

Rated Power: 300W

Input Voltage:⁣ 12V

Output Voltage Range: 110V±10% / 220V±10%

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz


Input terminal wiring: terminal

Functions: 1 *​ Socket, 2 * USB, LED Display

Car Cigarette Plug Length: 42.5cm / 16.7inch

Battery ‍Clips Length: 46.8cm ​/ 18.4inch

Product Size: 7.87*4.4*2.2 Inch

Package Size: 22*14.7*10cm / 8.66*5.78*3.93inch

Package‌ Weight: 630g / 1.38lb

Package Contents

1 * Modified⁢ Sine Wave Inverter

1‍ * Car Cigarette Plug

2 *‍ Battery Clips

1 * User ​Manual

Usage Precautions

1. Ensure the inverter ⁤remains​ dry and does not come in contact with ​water or other liquids. Avoid placing the inverter near ‍moisture ⁣or water.

2. ⁢Operate the inverter in cool environments, ideally between 0 ‍Celsius⁢ degrees and 40 Celsius degrees. Avoid placing the inverter next to heat vents or other hot devices ⁢to ‍prevent overheating. Ensure the ‍inverter is not directly exposed ⁤to sunshine.