High Frequency Test Socket Y1078 50Ω BNC Male To Female Plug


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Y1078 50Ω BNC Male To Female Plug High Frequency Test Socket
High Frequency Test Socket Y1078 50Ω BNC Male To Female Plug $9.99

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Introducing an exceptional quality product that is 100% brand new and superior in functionality. It is massively beneficial for linking a CCTV system, offering you a simple and professional appearance for connectivity. Achieve this with supreme ease that eliminates the need for any electrical splicing, crimping, or taping. The uncomplicated design requires only your mere touch to complete the installation, saving you substantial amounts of time and money.

This high-quality product pairs flawlessly with your engineering project. Let’s talk about the 50Ω BNC matcher feature: It comes into play during high-frequency signal testing where it is quite common to use a 50Ω matcher. This is because some instruments lack input impedance at the input end. To prevent problematic high-frequency signal self-disturbing resonance, it is essential to include 50Ω to the instrument’s input.

Digging deeper into product specifications, the model number is Y1078, and it weighs a mere 16g. It brags a 50Ω resistance which makes it highly compatible. This product is incredibly versatile, being suitably utilised in various industries and applications including the Military / Aerospace sector, Security equipment providers, Household appliances, Measuring instruments, and Medical electronics.

The package includes your Y1078 Male To Female Plug. Take a look at the details for a clearer understanding: