High-Power SUNKKO 709AD+ Battery Spot Welding Machine


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SUNKKO 709AD+ 3.2KW Pulse Spot Welder Machine Battery Spot Soldering Machine
High-Power SUNKKO 709AD+ Battery Spot Welding Machine $319.99

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Introducing an innovatively designed all-purpose machine, combined with welding and soldering capabilities. This 4-in-1 machine provides fixed pulse welding, constant temperature soldering, inductive discharging welding, and movable pulse welding functionalities. The standout innovation is the cutting-edge inductive discharging welding mode which requires no pedal control and instantly begins welding as soon as the welding head touches the object.

To enhance your productivity and consistency, the device relies on a micro-computer for precise welding and an improved welding power controller. This versatile machine caters to both small and large parts with its fixed welding head and movable welding torch modes, and boasts a high power adjustment capacity of 1200A for the welding head, facilitating easy welding of 0.35mm nickel plating.

In terms of environmental impact and budget control, our device is energy efficient, saving power output. It offers diverse options of 2-18 pulses, allowing you to weld various thicknesses. Among its user-friendly features are an easy-to-use welding torch, a convenient knob for adjusting the pulse and electric current, and a double row LED display for clear data visibility.

The machine comes with a T12 soldering iron, renowned for its speedy operation and superior longevity. This 4-in-1 machine excels at welding different nickel materials, and its LED illumination design makes it suitable for any lighting conditions.

Welding part:

  • Supply Voltage: AC 220V
  • Power: 3.2KW (Instantaneous)
  • Welding Current: 500A
  • Time of 2 Pulses: 1-10ms (Adjustable)
  • Time of 4 pulses: 2-20ms (Adjustable)
  • Time of 8 Pulses: 8-80ms (Adjustable)

Soldering part:

  • Soldering temperature: 150℃-450℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±5℃
  • Output voltage: 20VDC
  • Power: 50W
  • Heating up time: 6-8s to 300℃
  • Dimensions: 140 x 245 x 200mm
  • Net Weight: 7kg

Included in the package are the S709AD+ Machine, a user manual, a welding torch, a soldering iron, a soldering iron shelf, a pedal control, 4 welding needles(for fixed head), 2 welding needles(for welding torch), a wrench, 2 fuse tubes, an electric grinding machine, a battery fixture, and 50 nickel platings.

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